Tree And Shrub Maintenance


Pruning is both functional and esthetic. The functional aspect is just a matter of mechanics and technique, something that can be taught. The esthetic nature is something that you must be born with. This “artistic eye” is something you either have or you don’t. We pride ourselves on our artistic ability at Greenleaf Services LLC.

Tree Pruning

The benefits of having trees that are attractive in your landscape are obvious. We prune trees to fit the look the customer desires or that the landscape dictates. Much less apparent advantages are:

Less wind resistance = less storm damage
Reduction or elimination of deadwood = greater safety, less mess
Directed growth to where it is best suited = Healthier more efficient plant
Create better air circulation and drying = less rotting of wood work and mold build up on structures

Shrub Pruning

Foundation shrubs and other ornamental plants require annual shaping and pruning to provide your home with that curb appeal that is so important. Some the other reasons to prune on a regular basis are:

Size reduction = Longer life to landscape planting
Direct growth to where it is best suited = Healthier more efficient plant
Create better circulation and drying = less rotting of wood work and mold build up on your siding
Clear growth from obscuring windows = open views from and to your home
Keep plants full to screen unwanted views

Tree Removals

Even though our focus is on tree preservation, there are many reasons when their removal is necessary. To name a few:

Dead and dying trees pose a serious threat and should be removed before they fall
Hazard trees (storm damaged etc.) even if they are not dead often require removal to be safe
Trees dominating preferred plants are removed to allow the survival of something more important
Trees in the way of landscape or home construction Greenleaf Services, LLC has the equipment and experienced personnel to tackle any tree removal situation.

Stump Removals

After a tree is taken down there still is one more potential step to be taken. The trunk of the tree can only be taken down to a few inches above the existing soil grade. This leaves a stump that may be less than esthetically pleasing. In these cases you have two choices, stump grinding or stump excavation.

Stump Grinding

We use a portable machine that whittles away at a stump.

Stump Excavation

We dig out the entire stump. We recommend this option if you would like to plant a tree in exactly the same location as the previous tree.

Cabling and Bracing

Many trees have weak branching structures that may lead to splitting. This may cause collateral damage to structures or other landscape plants. It also may necessitate the removal of the damaged tree. This can be a financial burden and could result in a reduction of property value. Cabling and bracing is a relatively inexpensive way to support these weaknesses at a fraction of the cost of what it would be to clean up after the damage occurs. Essentially it is cheap insurance to keep a plant viable.

Storm Damage

Even with proper care the wrong set of conditions can cause trees to be damaged or fall during inclement weather. . When this happens we use our years of experience and knowledge to remove the damage as quickly and safely as possible.