Plant Health Care


For many people, the purchase of a home is the largest investments they will ever make. Landscape plants and trees are an integral part of this investment. It is believed that they can add up to 15% to a property’s value. As with any investment there is maintenance involved. Plant health care is part of the maintenance involved with improving the landscape’s appearance and vitality. At Greenleaf Services LLC, we will visit your property and come up with a customized plan to care for your individual plants. The following are the types of programs we offer:

Traditional Plant Health Care

Basic Plant Heath Care

We base this program on a visit to your property where we inspect all your trees and shrubs and come up with a custom proposal that includes the season long treatment of any insect, disease or fertilization needs found. All insect and disease control is specifically listed and priced. One of our plant Health care professionals will complete the out lined applications at the appropriate time.

Integrated Pest Management

This also is a custom proposal based on a visit to your property. Insect and disease control, however, is encompassed in an all inclusive, per visit price. A trained Plant Health Care technician makes several monitoring visits to your property throughout the growing season. He (or she) inspects the various ornamental trees and shrubs and determines whether treatments are needed. He/she will be on your property frequently enough to spot problems before they get out of control. In this respect, it is possible to keep insect populations down and fungal infections under control with a minimum of pesticide use. At the end of each visit, the technician will write up a report that explains any treatments performed as well as notes pertinent to maintaining the health of your plants (i.e. watering, removal of excessive mulch, pruning, etc.).

Organic Plant Health Care

This is the use of low toxicity organic alternatives to treat insects and disease in your landscape or fertilize with little or no negative environmental impact.

Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT)

This is the leaching of microorganisms from compost into water. This creates a brew rich with beneficial fungus and bacteria. With our addition of special foods, the microorganisms rapidly multiply. This tea is then applied to the root zone of trees and shrubs replenishing depleted soils and allowing plants to provide more easily for themselves.

This process mimics nature and acts as a natural fertilizer allowing for healthy plants without the introduction of synthetic fertilizers.
The beneficial microorganisms may out-compete disease organisms for foods and space.
The bacteria and fungi can repair the damage caused by chemicals and toxins by consuming them.
The bacteria and fungi create a better soil structure, increasing the rooting depth of your trees and shrubs and the water holding capacity of the soil.
When AACT is added to trees and shrubs it improves the soil structure and helps breakdown organic matter. For this reason we like to apply it after plants have been vertically mulched. The combination of the mulching, tea applications and our organic fertilizer dramatically improves plant health.

Vertical Mulching

This is the process of aerating and adding organic matter, Mychorizae (beneficial fungi), and organic fertilizer to the root zone of selected plants.
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Organic Deep Root Fertilization

One of the most beneficial treatments we can provide for increasing tree vigor in the suburban landscape is periodic fertilization.
We utilize a “deep root” liquid fertilization process, injecting our custom blended organic fertilizer and bio-stimulants into the root zone within the drip line of specific plants. This process aerates the soil around the root system as it applies an organic fertilizer containing fish emulsion, kelp, and humic acid. The result is the re-vitalization of soils that have lost the natural components of a woodland environment.