Deer Control



Discouraging deer or eliminating them from your property can significantly reduce the tick population. Fencing is the best way to keep deer off the property. This lowers the likelihood of being infected with Lyme disease and eliminates damage to valuable ornamental plants from deer browse. Fencing, however, can be daunting and an expensive task.

Deer Repellant Applications

When fencing your whole property is not a viable option, spraying plants that are susceptible to deer browse with a repellant is the next best thing. Most of the damage to valuable ornamental plants is done in the winter months. Winter long control can be achieved with just one fall application. Deer will visit the property and taste the plants that are usually palatable. They will find them offensive and stop eating them. This may even cause them to stay off the property altogether. For areas that have an extremely high deer population, additional applications may be needed during the growing season as well.